Arts Division Head Retires

Carol Tuzzeo

The Central Library of the Rochester Public Library wishes Librarian and Arts Division Head Carol Tuzzeo all the best as she enters retirement after a forty-year career. Prior to heading the Arts Division, Carol’s expertise in librarianship has shone in several departments throughout  the Central  Library. She has worked in Inter-library Loan, the Local History Division, the Education/Social Sciences Division, the Children’s Room and finally the Arts Division. Carol’s professionalism and leadership has been an asset to the Rochester Public Library and she will surely be missed.

Here are a few examples of Carol’s work while in the Arts Division.

When the Susan B. Anthony House decided to present an historically accurate re-enactment of the funeral of Anthony, Carol was instrumental in finding the resources needed for the event.  “One example of that precision was the committee’s search for the music to a particular hymn that was sung at Miss Anthony’s funeral. Lowell E. Salyards of the Downtown United Presbyterian Church kindly took on the search with help from Carol Tuzzeo of Rundel Library.”-Susan B. Anthony House Website

In a City Newspaper  feature article written by WXXI’s Michael Lasser, entitled “The Central Library yesterday, today, and tomorrow,” Lasser says, “At the heart of the matter are a single patron and a single librarian searching together to satisfy a desire or meet a need. Art, Music, and Recreation Division Head Carol Tuzzeo says that, no matter how tough times become, “librarians will continue to help people make connections between the need and the right resource. This is what we do.”-City Newspaper Website