Picture File

What is the picture file? The picture file is a vast collection of images that can be borrowed by the public. It is located in the Central Library’s Arts Division on the 2nd floor of the Bausch & Lomb building.

The picture file was begun in 1926 and has grown enormously from a small image center of 6 filing cabinets to 32 filing cabinets. Although located in the Arts Division it covers all subject areas from the arts to Zoology. In 1935 it was about 11,000, in 1942 about 14,300, in 1986 about one half million.

Picture file images come from many sources; many of the sources come from donations. Donated items include calendars, magazines, newspapers, books that cannot be mended, postcards, and a variety of other sources.

Images are filed by subject and the Arts Division has developed a subject index to assist in locating the images. Images are filed by subjects in the cabinets with the subject heading on each file. Images may be checked out just like a book or any other library item can be. Just bring the images to the Art Division desk and we can help you.

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