One collection we are very proud of in the Arts, Music and Recreation Division here at the Central Library is our baseball history and baseball biography sections.  We have gone to great lengths to get the best titles available– we are certain that our loyal library users will enjoy this collection.  Choose from hundreds of titles that explore the origins of the game right up to the present day players.

If you want to search for a baseball biography title, just browse the library catalog under their name, words or subjects: willie mays and baseball players and baseball players—United States—biography.

Are you learning a new sport later in life like golf or tennis?  Or, are you coaching a youth team for the first time?  Well, our collection can help you start off on the right foot.  We have many titles in our collection to assist you in learning the fundamentals of any sport and many books that provide no-nonsense coaching tips to lead a youth sports team to measured success.  We also have an abundant supply of instruction books on fitness drills and training for your young athletes or even for yourself.

If you have any questions about our Recreation and Sports books, please do not hesitate to contact a staff person by phone (585.428.8140) or in person at the Arts, Music and Recreation Reference Desk on the 2nd floor of the Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building of the Central Library.

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