Bookshelf: Decorating with Books

There seems to be a new trend in home decor, decorating with books and bookshelves. I suppose if you are looking at a blog connected to the Central Library than you must be a book lover of some sort. While many of us use e-readers to store and read our books we still have many physical books at home so until we get to read them why not use them as objects to decorate with?

Along with the books below here are some decorating ideas with books on Pinterest. The Blue Eyed Owl also offers up some good ideas to pretty up your home with books. Others ways can be found here at Apartment Therapy.

Bookcases are so much more than just a place to store one’s books. They’ve become experiments in engineering and explorations into modern art, covetable in their own right.

In these pages you will find plenty of inspiration and diversity, from “Juxtaposed,” a shelf capitalizing on limited space to display seven books containing the world’s most influential religions, to Sakura Adachi’s “Trick,” a bookcase that constantly mutates into a table and two chairs. Shelves can even be re-imagined: the way laundry is dried in China informed Dutch designers Studio Ditte as they created their Kwan bookcase.

So while we appreciate the efficient book storage of e-readers, let us marvel at physical bookshelves that are shaped like trees, or hold books upside down, or can even walk. This beautifully crafted book will bring joy to book lovers everywhere.

Bookcases, bookshelves, entire rooms: more than simple storagespaces for books, these are unique decorative elements that revealthe personality and lifestyle of their owners. Home libraries arealways personal and often evolving, whether they are speciallycreated in a separate room or found in nooks and crannies allover the house, whether modern or traditional, whether clearlyorganized or a surreal mess.

In this book, Dominique Dupuich and Roland Beaufre lead aguided tour of the libraries of some passionate readers, organizedby the type of book lover: decorator (clean lines, structured); fashiondesigner (chic, glamorous); writer (cluttered, charming). . . .Thebook concludes with an invaluable catalogue of shelves, lighting,and accessories that will suit any kind of home library.

Opening the pages of a book can instantly carry you off to another world. But did you realize that, open or closed, books can also make your real world–your home–more fabulous? As legendary designer Billy Baldwin pointed out, they’re “the best decoration,” capable of bringing incredible warmth, color, and character to a room. From grand bookcases in home libraries to casual stacks artfully arrayed on chairs,House Beautifulpresents countless eye-catching ideas for displaying and arranging your hardcovers, paperbacks, encyclopedias, and even valuable first editions. Useful tips shed light on how to organize a large collection; situate bookcases in the room for the best effect; and make the most of books’ appealing visual and tactile qualities. From traditional interpretations to contemporary visions–such as putting a book on a pedestal as anobjet d’art–these concepts write a new page in design.

Here is a blog dedicated to decorating with books and bookshelves, Bookshelf.

Image at top is from from Comfort and Luxury Blogspot

Homespun Style

This book is so happy, cheery, and colorful. It reflects a growing interest in crafting, stitching, and painting, for a look that is individual and not store bought. It begins with Elements of the Look, from the basics of modern craft today to making color and pattern work in harmony. Homey crafty looks are given a modern twist with cheerful patterns and decor. 

Interior designer Selina Lake, shows how to make your home comfortable or eccentric using themes like Granny Chic or English Cottage style. If your style is vintage, romantic, or flea market style she will she you the right elements you need to pull your home together.  Along with pattern and color, she also show imaginative ways to recycle and reuse, from transforming furniture with a lick of paint to finding inspired new uses for everyday items. 

Click on image to watch a video with the author.

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