The Beistle “Halloween” Company

Martin Luther Beistle founded the Beistle company in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1900. Beistle bought technology that produced honeycombed tissue that allowed him to produce paper decorations. During World War I, when German paper products were not available America saw a surge in paper product popularity. Beistle used this to his advantage and the continued to grow until World War II. Read more about the Beistle at

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All About Appraisals: Antiques, Decorative and Fine Arts

Are you thinking of turning your antiques and collectibles into cash?  How do you know if you should do it yourself, or if you need to hire a professional appraiser?  On Tuesday, July 10,  from 12 noon to 1:00, certified professional appraiser of fine arts, Cachelle Guadagnino, will be at the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County to talk about antique appraisal.  

With all the information about antique appraisals on television, the internet and in local advertisements, how do you know whom to trust, and how can you begin to decide what might be valuable? Find out about the resources available at the Central Library, what you need to know about ethics in antique appraisals, and what makes some items “treasures” and others “trash.”

Registration is recommended for this program.  Call the Arts, Music and Recreation Division 585-428-8140 for more information or to register.

Vintage Sports Display

Vintage 1930’s baseball uniform worn by Eric Henry Erickson. Mr. Erickson played for the American Bridge Company, Division of U.S. Steel. The team was part of the Industrial League in Elmira Heights, N.Y.

Vintage ice skates and hockey stick on loan from RPL staffer Chris Costigan. Golf items are Arts Division’s Ove Overmyer’s. Ove is our resident sports expert. He is always happy to answer reference questions on all areas of sports.

Crazy for Halloween….

For those crazy about Halloween all year here are some Halloween blog treats and links to some of Central Library’s items celebrating this holiday.

This first blog is in a category all it’s own. It’s called Pumpkin Rot . The person or persons who put this blog together are admirable in so many ways. First that they devote this much time to this holiday and write very creatively about it. Second, the photographs of their pumpkins and rot are splendid indeed. It is divided by year and the blogger has included many decayed creepy scarcrows and other Halloween related things. was also very kind to let me use some of their images. I had a hard time deciding which ones to use as they are all so good.

Double, double, toil and trouble! The instructions in Witch Craft will help you conjure up more than 25 totally wicked treasures-everything from vampire bite necklaces to graveyard cupcakes. You’ll also find tips and tricks for transforming found objects and everyday items into wonderfully witchy treats.

From baking hemorrhaging desserts to burying family and friends alive, the outrageous projects in this guide will inspire readers to transform the house, the yard, the kids, and the wardrobe for the scariest Halloween ever.

Designer Bethany Lowe’s book  focuses solely on folk art projects for Halloween. She gets into the spirit of the season with 30 sensational projects that range from trick-or-treat cones to a crazy quilt pumpkin pillow.

46 tunes to play for your Halloween party. Included on this disc are Welcome To My Nightmare  by Alice Cooper, Scary Monsters (Super Creeps) by David Bowie, and Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde.

These demented designs include Projectile Sneeze Pumpkin, Baseball-in-the-Eye Pumpkin, and a Doll-Eating Pumpkin,  along with cool gourd designs, practical jokes, and more.

Halloween Newsletter, blog, Whatever!

Creepy  Cupcakes
The Life and Times of a Happy Halloween Homemaker.

Ehag Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild
For makers of Halloween art only!

Great Pumpkins features pumpkin-carving ideas to light up every porch and window, from an evil witch on a broomstick sure to terrify the neighbors to cute little kittens to welcome ‘frady cats of all stripes. Artist Peter Cole has created a delightfully clever array of pumpkin tableaux, including Pumpkinstein, a monstrous experiment in scary fun, and Cinderella’s Magic Coach.

*Hot Halloween collectibles are diverse — paper items from Beistle, 1990s tin parade lanterns, to vintage boxed gamesHalloween memorabilia is among the most bewitching collectible category today, with tens of thousands of online auctions devoted to Halloween-related treasures. This new edition of the groundbreaking guide Vintage Halloween Collectibles delivers historic Halloween facts, manufacturing data and maker marks, thoroughly researched pricing for 2,000 vintage Halloween collectibles, and 1,000 stunning color photos of vintage and modern Halloween memorabilia. Unmatched in details and authoritative pricing, this “ghoulishly” grand guide is a must have!

Recipes, games, costumes, party ideas, and decorations, along with excerpts from vintage periodicals, show the gaiety that epitomized historic Halloween celebrations.

Orange and Black
Focuses on creepy Halloween stuff, recipes, and candy corn.

Vintage Halloween Collector
For collectors of vintage Halloween collectibles.

Weird Hollow
Creepy Halloween obsessive types who live in the town of Neato Coolville.

20 fun projects for decorating pumpkins, squashes, and gourds, with ideas that will appeal to both children and adults. There are scary faces for Halloween, centerpieces for Christmas and Thanksgiving and stunning lanterns to light up your home.

Retro Display

The Art Division is featuring a collection of kitschy kitchenware and fashion accessories from the 1940’s and 50’s. Our department has a great selection of materials on vintage dishware, glassware, jewelry, ceramics and fashion. If you want to know more about your own vintage collectibles, we invite you to come in and look through some of our wonderful resources. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to help you find out more about your retro treasures!