Happy Birthday to American Composer Aaron Copland

American composer Aaron Copland was born to Jewish parents on November 14, 1900 in Brooklyn, NY. Composer, teacher, writer, and conductor, Copland is best known for his compositions for ballets including  Appalachian SpringBilly the KidRodeo, and his Fanfare for the Common Man. Although he is well known for those ballets, Copland incorporated jazz and avant-garde sounds into his early works. Copland is sometimes referred to as the  “the Dean of American Composers” as he was instrumental in forging a new American style of musical composition. In addition to his ballets and orchestral works, he produced music in many other genres including chamber music, vocal works, opera and film scores. Many of his works with their slow changing harmonies that bring to mind what  many people consider to be the sound of American music, evoking the vast American landscape and pioneer spirit.

His exceptional and innovative works have been played by many orchestras. His Hoedown and Fanfare for the Common Man were incorporated into the works of rock musicians Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

Copland died on December 2, 1990, at Sleepy Hollow, NY.
Works by Aaron Copland at Central Library.

Emerson, Lake, & Palmer CDs that contain Hoedown and Fanfare for the Common Man

The Bell Witch of Tennesee

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Based on the true story of The Bell Witch of Tennesee. In 1818, slight, unexplained noises were heard. As the spirit grew, it singled out the father, John, and his daughter, Betsy. The family tried to search for the cause of the spirit in the hope of finding a way to defeat it. The spirit developed voices and began speaking to the family, but refused to say why it was there. Finally it pronounced a death sentence on John and within a year, he was dead. It would not be until years later that it was discovered what happened on the terrible night the spirit was born and find out the horrific truth about its nature and origin.

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Haunted Art and Photos

The genre of haunted art is an old one. A ghostly backstory can give special allure to paintings that otherwise would simply pass as pictures of unsettling children or messy still lifes. Yet, this venerable niche has lately gotten an Internet-age boost: On eBay and craigslist, claims that this or that painting is haunted by some otherworldly spirit abound.

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Ghostly Gallery at the American Museum of Photography

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