Calligraphy Display

Calligraphy Display

Toi Clawson from Fairport and of the Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild has a wonderful display of her work, as well as the Guild’s,  in the Arts Division this month. Toi will also be presenting a calligraphy demonstration in the Arts Division on Monday evening, January 23, from 6 pm to 7:45 pm. Toi writes, “Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Using bold colors and illustrations to capture the viewer’s attention, I invite the reader to think more deeply about the text.”

Beautiful Words

Tools of the art

For more information about this display and Toi Clawson’s presentation call the Arts Division at 428-8140. The library has many books and resources about the art of calligraphy if you are interested in learning more about this popular art form.


Art of the Book Exhibit at the Central Library

The exhibit runs from October 21, through December 4, 2011. This juried show brings together 39 book artists who have demonstrated how books can become a piece of art.  The pieces range from the very large altered book as shown by Scott McCarney’s eight foot hanging piece, “Hanging Index #20: Last Lines of Poetry,” to books as illustration work, books as a timepiece and books in boxes. The show presents three categories of book arts; artist books, in which the artist creates and entire book, including bindings and illustrations. 

Scott McCarney of Rochester has won first place in the Altered Book Category and was named Best of Show for his piece “Hanging Index #20: Last Lines of Poetry.”

Candace Hicks of Athens, Texas took first place in the Artist’s Books Category for her “Common Threads Vol. XXVI.”

Ashley Billings of Rochester took first place in the Illustration Category with “Ivory Novel Keys.”

Some other pieces in the show:




There are other wonderful books to be viewed. Come to the Central Library’s Bausch and Lomb Building to see more.

To read more about book arts and altered books view these websites and these books at the Central Library.

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The Center for the Book Arts

Genesee Center for the Arts

Minnesota Center for the Book Arts

Visual Studies Workshop

Western New York Book Arts Collaborative

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