All About Appraisals: Antiques, Decorative and Fine Arts

Are you thinking of turning your antiques and collectibles into cash?  How do you know if you should do it yourself, or if you need to hire a professional appraiser?  On Tuesday, July 10,  from 12 noon to 1:00, certified professional appraiser of fine arts, Cachelle Guadagnino, will be at the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County to talk about antique appraisal.  

With all the information about antique appraisals on television, the internet and in local advertisements, how do you know whom to trust, and how can you begin to decide what might be valuable? Find out about the resources available at the Central Library, what you need to know about ethics in antique appraisals, and what makes some items “treasures” and others “trash.”

Registration is recommended for this program.  Call the Arts, Music and Recreation Division 585-428-8140 for more information or to register.