Take the “Wonderland at Central” Ornament Hunt Challenge

Big, beautiful ornaments handmade by local artists are hanging throughout the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County during the month of December.  Fifteen of the ornaments in the Bausch and Lomb building are part of an ornament hunt.  Pick up a clue sheet on the 2nd floor in the Arts Division or Children’s Center, look for ornaments, and return your completed sheet to the Arts Division for a prize.

Here is a sample of a few of the amazing ornaments on display:



blue snowflake ball

icosohedron stars



Vintage Sports Display

Vintage 1930’s baseball uniform worn by Eric Henry Erickson. Mr. Erickson played for the American Bridge Company, Division of U.S. Steel. The team was part of the Industrial League in Elmira Heights, N.Y.

Vintage ice skates and hockey stick on loan from RPL staffer Chris Costigan. Golf items are Arts Division’s Ove Overmyer’s. Ove is our resident sports expert. He is always happy to answer reference questions on all areas of sports.

Predict the Oscars Contest!

The Arts Division and the Media Department are having a contest this week to gear up for the 84th annual Academy Awards to be broadcast Sunday evening, February 26th. A ballot box is set out in both divisions for patrons to make their predictions for this year’s winners. To participate come to one of these locations and fill in a ballot sheet by marking one choice in each of the categories. The person who predicts the most categories correctly will win 2 movie tickets.  Second most correct predictions will win a past Best Picture DVD. And the third place winner will take home a book based on one of this year’s Best Picture Nominees.  The Art Division has a large selection of resources about the film industry. Our Media Department has many new and popular films on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Calligraphy Display

Calligraphy Display

Toi Clawson from Fairport and of the Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild has a wonderful display of her work, as well as the Guild’s,  in the Arts Division this month. Toi will also be presenting a calligraphy demonstration in the Arts Division on Monday evening, January 23, from 6 pm to 7:45 pm. Toi writes, “Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Using bold colors and illustrations to capture the viewer’s attention, I invite the reader to think more deeply about the text.”

Beautiful Words

Tools of the art

For more information about this display and Toi Clawson’s presentation call the Arts Division at 428-8140. The library has many books and resources about the art of calligraphy if you are interested in learning more about this popular art form.

Glass on Display

The Central Library Arts Division is pleased to display the glass artistry of two local talents, William Glasner and Peter Secrest.  Two very different styles yet both equally beautiful examples of the art of glass.

Peter Secrest makes colorful blown glass vases, vessles and bowls. His murrini vases are created from decorative cross sections of canes. The fused scupltures are formed from larger murrini. He has participated in the Naples Open Studio Trail.

The hand-carved beads featured in William Glasner’s jewelry are unique in the 3,500 year history of glass bead making. Traditional techniques are combined in an innovative way. All beads are made by pulling hot glass into long hand blown tubes which are sawed into bead sized segments. The bead segments are then individually carved by hand with diamond wheels using traditional cut glass and Italian “batutto” techniques. Glasner then finishes the pieces with a proprietary polishing or acid etching process. His pieces have been exhibited throughout the U.S. including the Corning Museum of Glass.

We want you to design Holiday ornaments for the Central Library

Calling All Artists! The Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County wants you to decorate for the winter 2011-2012 season. We are looking for large holiday or winter themed ornaments that we can hang in the Arts Division and around the Central Library. By large, we mean three to five feet in diameter. Ornaments should be original, non-religious themed and made from light weight materials like Styrofoam, cardboard, Mylar, etc. Any electrified pieces must run on battery power. The artist is responsible for providing any extra batteries required. Weight limit could be up 5 pounds as these will hang from the ceiling. Works will be displayed from November 25th, 2001 through January 6, 2012.

Please send photos of your creation on a flash drive or by email by November 11th.

All accepted works need to be dropped off in the Arts Division on November 14th.

Once the display is down, works may be picked up between Jan 7th and 9th.

Call 428-8140 for details or submit this form

Comic Book Display

The Arts Division has a great new display of vintage and current comic books as well as action figures and other comic book related items. The Central Library offers many graphic novels and comic books in both the Arts Division and in Teen Central. Stop by and see the display and check out our collection of Spiderman, Batman and Superman comics and all our great graphic novels!