It’s Easy Being GREEN!

Organic Green Roots

This blog is “A hub for inspiration, we put the green life on display.
Roaming the globe to connect you with environmental creativity, organic options, eco-conscious choices, green art, philanthropic actions and innovative design. OGR is the who, what, when & where in the world of green.” Check out “Junk Assemblage – The Art of Upcycling” to see how artist Tom Deininger “creates idealistic landscapes, self portraits and other snapshots of life using various junk materials.” – OGR

Crafting a Green World

This blog is packed full of DIY projects for environmentalists. There are craft, accessory and clothing projects and tutorials, articles on “fab” fabrics, yarn and paper products and a special section on “craftivism” for those who want to recycle or upcycle for the sake of art.


One of my favorite sites to find upcycled items that are both functional and beautiful is Etsy, toted as “the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art and supplies”

Environmental Artists

Clemson clay nest by Nils-Udo (2005) via designboom

The Andy Goldsworthy Project

Eco-ART Books

The Green Guide for Artists by Karen Michel inspires artists to make better eco-conscious choices within their work and their studios and shows them how.

Green Graphic Design breaks down the concept of green design step-by-step. Respected industry leader Brian Dougherty captures the ability of designers to communicate, persuade, and ultimately spread a socially and ecologically responsible message to both consumers and corporations.

The latest edition of this definitive source book, eco Design includes up-to-the-minute listings for more than seven hundred consumer products from clothing to kitchenware, electronics to furniture that have a minimal impact on the earth while remaining useful and beautiful.

Whether you want to reinvent a lamp, create artwork from household discards, organize your photos, or get more mileage out of an old sweater, you ll find plenty of ideas and inspiration in the pages of The Big Green Book of Recycled Crafts.