Central Library Local Music Project


The Central Library Local Music Project has been created to make the music of local talent available to our patrons through both downloadable and CD formats. The Arts & Music Division of the Central Library is now offering a new service to enhance our collection and to bring our patrons the latest technology.

The Central Library is looking for local talent! Would you like to be a part of this new and exciting way to get your music heard throughout Monroe County?  Want to create a bigger audience for your music?

The library invites you to lease us the right to offer your music to the community. This project is limited to library card holders living in Monroe County and areas that contract with us for services outside the county. The music you lease to the library is for the private use of MCLS cardholders. Central Library would lease the rights for cardholders to download these records via the library website (www.libraryweb.org). These records would be the cardholders to keep and the musicians will get paid. Prices will be negotiated when you contact the library with your interest in the project. If record companies own the rights to the music, we are interested in live shows of your music. Our hope is to make local music available to our patrons and to promote local talent in the greater Rochester area. If you are interested in Rochester Central Library’s Local Music Project please contact Judy Schewe by e-mail at jschewe@libraryweb.org or feel free to call 428-8139.

Click HERE to see the Local Music Project Licensing Agreement.

~JS.Music Librarian@Central

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