Basketball Season @ the Library

Local basketball junkies have every reason to be excited about another great season for our area’s best college basketball team. The Syracuse Orangemen Men’s Basketball program is off to another great start this season– currently ranked 6th in the nation and now heading into Big East showdowns with the likes of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Georgetown Hoyas.
Your public library is also keeping pace with your sports reading demands. One of our newest books is titled, Color Him Orange: The Jim Boeheim Story, authored by award-winning sports columnist and best-selling local author Scott Pitoniak. Pitoniak identifies the sources of Basketball Hall of Fame coach’s fierce competitive drive and loyalty to Syracuse.
The book also examines the people who shaped Boeheim as a person and a coach, the great players he has coached, and his incredible devotion to raising money in hopes of eradicating cancer—which claimed both of his parents’ lives, and has also victimized Boeheim himself.
Yep, that’s right. Two huge wins the last two games and now this team has catapulted to #3 in the nation. But are they really that good?

Despite the naysayers, the Syracuse Men’s Basketball Team has won 8 straight games and seems to be getting all the bounces and breaks. It has compiled a record of 18 wins against just one defeat (79-83 loss to Temple at MSG) as of Jan.22, 2013. And, the Orange has already won three conference road games, including a win at then-No.1 Louisville a few days ago. Impressive, don’t you think? Not so fast.

If you truly bleed Orange, you know your team’s loss to Temple was as horrendous as a loss can be—this is a team that was beaten by Canisius in its own gym.  And, the Orange has trailed in the second half of its last four games. It’s recent play caused head coach Jim Boeheim to publicly say, “If we don’t get better, we’re going to lose in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament.” And that quote followed Syracuse’s dramatic 57-55 win over No. 21 Cincinnati last night in a highly publicized game. Kinda scary if you’re a Syracuse fan—but it’s something we have had to learn to live with all these years.

Speaking of all those great years of SU ball, why not revisit some of those glorious times by checking out our collection of Syracuse Basketball books here at the Central Library.

Anyway, it’s safe to say long-time SU fans have been down this road before and know perfectly well what Coach Beoheim is trying to do. The Hall of Fame coach has seen it all and done it all– been there and done that. No matter what you think, serious fans a have to ask the question whether he is just trying to motivate his guys or does he really believe that they have a long way to go before they get to the Final Four? (By the way, the Final Four is begins April 6 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.)

If we know Boeheim like we do, he is going to keep his players, fans and the media guessing to the last possible minute of the last game day of this season. And, all we can do for now is fasten our seatbelts and hope it’s not that bumpy of a ride.

Other basketball titles of interest include:

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