The Masked Ball: Jocelyn Pook

The hypnotic piece in the movie Eyes Wide Shut that played during the masked ceremony was written by Brtitsh Composer Jocelyn Pook. It was first released on her album Flood (CD info is below) and then used for the Kubrick film. The piece Masked Ball, which incorporates a fragment of an Orthodox Liturgy played backwards and lyrics chanted in Romanian.

Lyrics from the film:

Auov uad auon acnurop ias iicinecu ertac iulunmod asiz. Aiutseca iulusacal iulutnafs ia irotacafenib is irotiulim irotanihcni. Uezenmud iul rolibor roletacap aeratrei is aerasal aeratecrec aer.

But if you reverse it, you can listen a cite of Bible, (Jn 13, 34) in romanian language:

Zisa Domnului catre ucenicii sai, porunca noua dau voua. Domnului sa ne rugam pentru mila, viata, pacea, sanatatea, mantuirea, cercetarea, lasarea si iertarea pacatelor robilor lui Dumnezeu. Inchinatori, miluitori si binefacatori ai sfantului lacasului acestuia.

And translated says:

And God told to his apprentices…I gave you a command…to pray to the Lord for the mercy, life, peace, health, salvation, the search, the leave and the forgiveness of the sins of God’s children. The ones that pray, they have mercy and they take good care of this holy place.

Click for CD…

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