The Death and Rebirth of the Polaroid

Documentary About the Death and Rebirth of of Polaroid Pictures

In February 2008, Polaroid announced that it was ceasing production of instant film. ‘TIME ZERO’ is a documentary that tells the story of the last year of Polaroid film in three acts. 

Polaroid was invented by Edwin H. Land in 1948. Read more about him below in, Insisting on the Impossible and Instant Image.


Act I introduces the magic of Polaroid through the perspective of Polaroid artists and former employees of the corporation. 

Act II begins with the discontinuation of instant film and covers the grass-roots movement to keep it alive. 

Act III centers on ‘The Impossible Project’ and follows their against-the-odds effort to reinvent instant film.

The film was created by Polaroid enthusiast Grant Hamilton, and it premiered on April 28 at the Independent Film Festival in Somerville, MA — three miles away from Polaroid’s former headquarters.

(From PetaPixel).


Read more about Polaroid below.



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