Local Composer DM Stith

DM Stith

Recently WXXI radio personality Brenda Tremblay interviewed Rochester composer, musician, and graphic designer DM Stith.  Stith’s music has been used in the trailer for the motion picture “The Impossible.”  In the interview, Stith describes how  “little ditties” that he recorded as he was playing around on the piano ended up in a Hollywood movie.

Follow this link to hear the interview and to see the movie trailer


The 30 seconds of music in the trailer are just the latest of his accomplishments. Stith released his critically acclaimed first album, “Heavy Ghosts,” in 2009.  According to the review of “Heavy Ghosts” in New Musical Express, “There’s a time between sleeping and waking that’s occupied by DM Stith – weaving our sleep with hypnotic spells, wild chorals, plucked strings and primitive keys.”  In 2010, DM Stith toured with Sufjan Stevens.

His latest project is “The Revival Hour” along with JM Lapham http://www.facebook.com/therevivalhour

To find out more about DM Stith, visit his website www.dmstith.com.

Stith is a graphic designer as well as a musician.  Here is one of his photographs of a local landmark cast in an eerie light.

Kodak tower of terror

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