Crafting With a Rolling Pin: Wrapping Paper for the Holidays

That time is coming when we will all need a lot of wrapping paper and cards. It can get expensive but you can make your own and make them look the way you want them to. I’ve used doilies and made some very pretty paper. I also have used unmounted rubber stamps and glued them to the rolling pin. Try it, it’s fun.

Rolling pins: perfect for pie crusts and original pieces of graphic art. 
Printmaking is simply the process of transferring a pattern or piece of art with inks onto paper. Every time you transfer the ink, however, it is considered an original piece of art since it will have it’s own unique qualities, making you (the roller pin swiller) a master of tarts and art. A very DIY nerd thing to say, yes; but true.

You can use many items for this exercise: a carved block, a Styrofoam plate, fruits, erasers, potatoes – anything that will transfer ink. As far as the rolling pin goes, use rubber bands and craft foam to create pure awesomeness. The advantage of using this particular implement is that you can print a large swathe very quickly.
This is going to get messy. Be sure to cover your work area and wear an apron.
Read the rest at Ecosalon.

Some books in the Central Library to get you started. Click on image to connect to our catalog.

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