Wall Art Therapy in Rochester

Ian Wilson, standing in front of the Troup Street mural created in July 2011.

Driving around  Rochester you may have noticed some extraordinary murals that have been painted on buildings.
So if these have caught your attention and you want to know more, read on. These murals are part of a larger project, called Wall Therapy.

Faith47′s North Union Street mural, created in July 2011 as part of the first Wall Therapy project.

The first Wall Therapy project, Visual Intervention, happened July 2011.  Therefore, this year’s project will officially be known as “WALL\THERAPY, the second movement of Visual Intervention. Wall Therapy encourages local and International artists to transform neighborhoods through art. These large sometimes brightly colored murals are being painted by twelve artists, some from Rochester and others from Spain, South Africa and China.

You can view these murals in different locations around the city and at the Public Market. Public Market artist Justin Suarez says, “Doing something like this brightens up the building a little bit and it adds some beauty to an otherwise decrepit building,” and “it inspires people to take a little more pride in their community.”
You can read more about this project at RocCity News and here at Rochester Homepage. Here is a map with the mural locations.


Wall Therapy Locations:

Avenue D Community Center
Public Market West
Public Market East
World Wide News
Back of  Little Theatre
56 South Union Street


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