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  Howard Finster – “Black Cat Of Desert Storm, #18086

This post took me a very long time to research and write but I love researching about art that isn’t in the mainstream.  By the time I finally go and write the posts I’ve learned so much and then I pass that information into you. Enjoy reading.

 You hear the word Art Brut, what sorts of images does that word bring you your mind? For most it is raw or rough images come to mind and that’s it, raw art or art created outside the boundaries, hence the name, Outsider Art. Art Brut, translated from French means “raw art”; ‘Raw’ in that it has not been through the cooking process, those works uncooked by cultural and artistic influences. Art Brut, Outsider art or any of the terms used above aren’t limited to just painting. The artists that work within this genre may work in many mediums, drawing, painting, sculpture, fabric, some may create dolls or toys and soil whereby they create large visionary gardens, and others express themselves in writings laid out in a primitive format.

You can read the entire post here and find books in the Arts Division about Art Brut and the Outsiders. You can read more posts I’ve written about art outside the mainstream here.

LGBT Pride Month Playlist


A recent article in Billboard magazine entitled “Gay & R: Marketing, music and the LGBT community’s mainstream clout,” by Andrew Hampp talks about the buzz being created by bands and artists who play gigs at gay clubs and have impacted the culture. Here is a playlist of songs and artists to celebrate Pride month.

True Colors/ Cyndi Lauper

here were a few years in the mid-’80s when one couldn’t go out for a cup of coffee without encountering Cyndi Lauper in one form or another. Her videos were playing constantly on MTV, her music was everywhere on the radio, and, best of all, children were even dressing up as Cyndi for Halloween. In retrospect, it was a Lauper-ish time but it was all over quite quickly; in fact, the period in the ultra-limelight didn’t even span the period covered by two album releases, which means that this follow-up to her…

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Rochester Summer Music Scene Playlist


The city of Rochester comes alive with music every summer with some great events that showcase a variety of bands and artists that are as diverse as the community. The 16th annual Party In The Park kicks off every Thursday evening from 5-10 PM  for ten weeks starting on June 7 through August 9 at the Riverside Festival Site on the corner of Court Street and Exchange Boulevard across from the Blue Cross Arena. All concerts are FREE! The Big Rib BBQ & Blues Fest starts Thursday July 12 and continues through Sunday July 15: lunch, dinner and live music! Highland Bowl concert highlights include Wilco and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. Here’s a sampling…

I might/ Wilco

The Whole Love is the work of a band that’s stylistically up for anything, from the edgy dissonance of “The Art of Almost” and the moody contemplation of “Black Moon,” to…

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Rochester Folk Art Guild Craft Weekend Workshops

JUNE 22, 23, 24

Come realize your creative potential! The Folk Art Guild will host its 4th annual Craft Weekend Workshops where beginners and students of all levels can explore art and craft from a fresh perspective.

You’re invited to join us

Friday, June 22nd at 8:00am – 5:00 pm
Saturday June 23rd 8:00am – 5:00 pm

Sunday, June 24th, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

For more information please call 585-944-3153
or email

To Register click here.

Rough Luxe Interiors

the genetic code of Rough Luxe:

 industrial grunge shabby bygone old worn raw mismatched chipped faded new victorian taxidermy moody

peeling  rusty nostalgic romantic rumpled theatrical cracked unpretentious flea historical draped fairy tale tin brick flawed

the uncode of Rough Luxe

meltdowns networks buyouts financial bailouts mass produced bigger newer shinier disposable
home shopping homogenized pasteurized  

As the economy suffers and more of the population has less money, they are looking for things to bring some pleasure into their lives without spending money they don’t have. Many are looking to the past, to bring a familiarity into their lives that they miss through mass production. Many people do not want fancy things sitting in china cabinets anymore. The craft movement is a part of Rough Luxe as more of us want handmade items that have some sort of connection to the person who personally handled it.

We are reminded everyday how we should live by the bombardment of celebrities, their riches and their lifestyles, we are told to have a perfect home, mind, and body. Here design rejects minimalism and extravagance and celebrates imperfection. Rough Luxe reminds us that the plain and simple and unfinished is far more interesting than living with high end luxury goods that are mass produced. it is the celebration of raw imperfections.

Rough Luxe creates a different atmosphere than shabby chic. Like its name it is rougher, moodier, darker and not as feminine. A room filled with taxidermy, industrial fans, a black door, a dark room, a distressed blackboard, a cracked brick wall, and an unkempt garden filled with broken statuary all bring Rough Luxe into our homes. This beautifully illustrated book showcases the best examples of how the masterful staging of raw imperfection can fulfill the desire for a luxury design.

Rough Luxe is beautifully printed and published by the Curated Collection. This publishing house specializes in high quality lifestyle publications and digital media. This richly illustrated book showcases the best examples of how the masterful staging of raw imperfection can fulfill the desire for a luxury design.

The book above is available in the Art Division at the Central Library, Rochester, NY. Click on the cover for more details.