Albert Paley: The Mastery of Metal at the Nan Miller Gallery

View work by metal sculptor Albert Paley at the Nan Miller Gallery. Paley is known for his metal work that is an integration of art and architecture. Originally trained as a goldsmith he now works in iron and steel. Some notable examples of his work can be seen Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, where he was commissioned to design the Portal Gates for the Renwick Gallery. His work can also be seen in Albany, NY where he designed Portal Gates for the New York State Senate Chambers in Albany and a 40-ton sculpture for Adobe Systems in San Jose, CA. He recently completed  “Sentinel,” A 72′ high, 120-ton sculpture at the Rochester Institute of Technology, his largest sculpture to date. Paley was a professor at RIT where he now holds an endowed chair. Additionally he was the first metal sculptor to receive the Institute Honors Award from the American Institute of Architects, the AIA’s highest award to a non-architect.

Items about Albert Paley at The Central Library. The first is a DVD the others are books and these are just some of the things in the collection there is more in the Arts Division.










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