Homespun Style

This book is so happy, cheery, and colorful. It reflects a growing interest in crafting, stitching, and painting, for a look that is individual and not store bought. It begins with Elements of the Look, from the basics of modern craft today to making color and pattern work in harmony. Homey crafty looks are given a modern twist with cheerful patterns and decor. 

Interior designer Selina Lake, shows how to make your home comfortable or eccentric using themes like Granny Chic or English Cottage style. If your style is vintage, romantic, or flea market style she will she you the right elements you need to pull your home together.  Along with pattern and color, she also show imaginative ways to recycle and reuse, from transforming furniture with a lick of paint to finding inspired new uses for everyday items. 

Click on image to watch a video with the author.

Click on the book cover above to see where you can find it in the Arts Division at the Central Library


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