George Eastman House: Machines of Memory

Cameras from the Technology Collection

From May 5, 2005 through December 31, 2012 in the North Gallery

George Eastman House 

“All the things the public most wants to see from the technology collection,” that’s how Technology Curator Todd Gustavson describes Machines of Memory, the exhibition in the North Gallery. The display includes a variety of photographic highlights from camera obscuras through digital imaging designed to show the evolution of photography as well as its revolutions.

A section on Kodak showcases the cameras that changed the world, including the first Kodak, the first folding pocket camera, the first auto exposure camera and, of course, the Brownie. A selection of the most fascinating objects in the collection features, among other items, a lunar orbiter, a Technicolor movie camera, and “detective” cameras from the 1880s. “The exhibition really explores the depth and breadth of the collection,” explains Gustavson. “There’s something in there to interest everyone, even people not previously familiar with photographic technology.”

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