New Biographies in Arts

Whether you are a sports fan, a film buff or a music lover, we’ve got a great selection of new biographies to offer you this month.

Mickey Rourke: Wrestling with demons by Sandro Monetti

 Wrestling with Demons chronicles the star’s extraordinary adventure through life, from his nightmare childhood, broken marriages, arrests, and brain damage to a suicidal visit to a New York Church, the death of his brother in his arms, and to his Academy award nomination for The Wrestler.

Long Shot: My Bipolar Life by Sylvia Harris

“Seabiscuit” meets “Manic” when Harris, a single mother crippled by her struggles with bipolar depression, discovers the healing, calming effect of horses in Long Shot.

Red: My uncensored life in rock by Sammy Hagar

The popular rock singer delivers behind-the-scenes stories from his life in music, from his solo career to his decade-long tenure as lead singer of Van Halen in Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock.

The Projectionist by Kendall Messick

Photographer and documentary filmmaker Kendall Messick grew up across the street from the Gordon Brinckle’s house, and remembers visiting the Shalimar Theatre as a kid. He returned in 2001, and started documenting Gordon’s colorful world in the basement, as well as his more ordinary life upstairs in The Projectionist.

More titles…

The World Don’t Owe Me Nothing by David Honeyboy Edwards

The Most Famous Woman in Baseball: Effa Manley and the Negroe Leagues by Bob Luke

No Regrets: The Life of Edith Piaf by Carolyn Burke

56: Joe DiMaggio and the Last Magic Number in Sports by Kostya Kennedy

Fallin’ up: My Story by Taboo with Steve Dennis

From This Moment On by Shania Twain


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