Some recent additions to the Photography collection

Lee Friedlander drove across America using his car as his camera. He captures views of the American landscape from strip malls to national parks. America by Car is full of American treasures.

Start taking stunning and compelling photographs with this new addition to the “Dummies” series. Digital Photography Composition for Dummies provides  helpful information to the photographer as to how composition will affect a photograph. He demonstrates how to use different lens sizes, from wide angle to telephoto. Aperture, depth of field, shutter speeds, and using flash is covered as well.

Astrid Kirchherr was Hamburg, Germany based photographer who became close friends with the Beatles. She took many photographs of them in the early 1960s. This book contains 208 lush photos of the Beatles and provides a time capsule into that period of music history.  The Victoria Gallery & Museum/Liverpool University Press has published Astrid Kirchherr  in conjunction with their exhibition of Kirchherr’s work.

If you want to look at beautiful retro styled women this is the book for you. 666 Photography is an Austin based photography studio specializing in over the top kitschy campy photography that features glorious backdrops that are hand painted and gorgeous costumes. In 666 Photography the studio recreates German Cabaret, 1940s, hair styles, Madonnas and High-Baroque. The photos are superb and visually stunning.

We first saw a photo of Mary McCartney peeking out of her father Paul’s jacketFrom Where I Stand is her first book, full of superb photos of her family and her friends, fashion shows, and concerts. Mary McCartney is as wonderfully talented as her mother Linda.


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